Monday, June 18, 2012

Massachusetts: Bourne Selectmen facing petitions

Recall petitions have been taken out against Bourne Selectmen Peter Meier. Former Selectman Jamie Sloniecki, who resigned from the board in January, is leading the petition gathering effort.

Part of the issue is tension between selectmen and Town Administrator Thomas Guerino. Other issues are a 2007 planning board vote by Meier on a condo complex, An outburst at a meeting and calls Meier made to other towns about Guerino when he was applying for other jobs.

Petitioners first need to get 250 signatures on the initial filing. Then they need 1,316 (10% of registered).

Some past history on the recall in Bourne:
Bourne's first and only recall effort was in 2006, when voters successfully ousted Galon "Skip" Barlow from his seat. Selectman Carol Cheli was also a recall target but resigned rather than fight for the position.

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