Friday, June 8, 2012

Montana: "Tryouts" for replacements for Troy Mayor

Troy, Montana is looking at replacements for Mayor Don Banning who was kicked out recently. The City Cpuncil President and a mayor from the 1970s are both interested. The council will appoint an interim replacement until November.

The article notes that the reasons for the recall (needed in a Judicial Recall state):

District Judge James B. Wheelis had determined there was sufficient reason to seek the recall based on the four allegations made by McCully against the mayor:

√ Banning had terminated City Attorney Charles Evans without the consent of the council, a violation of state law.
√ Banning had cashed a check for $331.80 made out to him without the approval of the council that exceeded the budget in travel and training and violated state statutes.
√ Banning allegedly had allowed a construction project at Roosevelt Park without the proper appropriation by the council.
√ Banning had interfered with the council’s legislative role by making changes to city code without council knowledge in violation of the city charter.

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