Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Oregon: Republicans announce that latest Governor recall effort fails to get enough signatures

The Oregon Republican Party has announced that it failed to get enough signatures for the recall of Oregon Governor Kate Brown (D). They claim to have 277,254 signatures and they needed 280,050 valids. Since they would likely have needed many more than that to get on the ballot (signature failure rates range across a wide-spectrum, but 10-15% is a good measure), it is not clear how close they got. They previous attested to having 290,000. Petitioners are blaming the coronavirus pandemic social distancing restrictions for the failure.

This was the fifth failed attempt against Brown.

Oregon, the first state to adopt the recall for state-level officials way back in 1908, has had recalls against three state legislators, but never a Governor. Brown actually got the job when her predecessor John Kitzhaber faced a recall threat.

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