Sunday, September 6, 2020

Idaho: Boise Mayor, Councilmember recall effort suspended

The recall effort against Boise Mayor Lauren McLean (D) and Councilmember Lisa Sanchez has now been suspended, as petitioners have found that signatures are too difficult to collect. 

Petitioners need 26,108 signatures in 75 days. 

Idaho also has a Queen of the Hill provision requiring that for the recall to succeed, the total vote cast in the election must top the amount of votes cast for the office in the previous election. In McLean's case, they would need 23,669 and Sanchez would need 9,244 votes.

Petitioners originally focused on the shutdowns that have occurred as part of the pandemic response. They have now included a larger list, focused on a transition team report, which they call a "radical agenda" (citing discussion of sanctuary city, abortions and sex ed). Sanchez has also been criticized for a letter about an 18-year old who fired his gun during an Idaho State Capitol protest. 

There was an attempt to recall Governor Brad Little, but it failed. 

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