Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Wisconsin: Controlling the recall

Two big developments have hit on the Democratic side of the Wisconsin gubernatorial recall. The losing 2010 Democratic candidate Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett is seriously considering running. AFSCME, the second biggest union in the state, has endorsed Kathleen Falk. This Salon article takes a look at the race, and notes the union opposition to Barrett as an "early sign that 'Anybody but Walker' won't cut it..."

Though the unions may actually be powerful enough to push Falk to primary victory, it bears repeating that the recall is not something that can be easily controlled. We don't need to look far and wide for an example -- let's just go back to 2003. The prime backer of the Gray Davis recall was Congressman Darrell Issa. If he didn't pony up the dough, there is an excellent chance that recall doesn't get on the ballot. Despite his critical role, Issa was effectively forced out of the recall race by bigger names. 

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  1. " . . . the unions may actually be powerful enough to push Falk to primary victory." It would be a mistake to think that Wisconsin unions have a predominant position in the recall effort. The million signatures that were filed on the recall petition couldn't come from union households and supporters. A huge part of the Wisconsin electorate has been offended by the Governor's actions.

    Since the first rallies a year ago, Gov. Walker and his team have tried to blame "union bosses" for getting all those angry people into the streets. He may believe that this is a workable re-election strategy, but I think he just doesn't get it. The citizens will throw him out, not the unions


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