Tuesday, February 14, 2012

California: Petitioners hand in signatures against 4 directors in Feather Recreation recall

Petitioners turned in signatures for four of the five Feather Recreation and Park District Board of Directors, John Allen, Loren Gill, Jan Hill and Chairman TJ Jensen. The fifth member resigned.

Petitioners need 4,853 per candidate. Here's some earlier coverage.

The commission is going to check with a random sampling method. The valid signatures have to appear to be between 90-110% of the number of signatures to start an inspection of each signature. If it is over that amount, the board will certify (I'm sure that means the burden shifts and the commissioners can sue). If less, that it will be tossed out (again, a burden shift and the petitioners can sue).

If the election is held on the same day as the June primary, it will cost between $73K to $84K. If it's a special, it will be between $85K and $105K.

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