Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Washington, DC: Still close in the Advisory Neighborhood Commission recall

This article claims that yesterday's Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner recall could still go the otherway, though it seems like it will be quite a hill to climb for commissioner Doug Smith. The recall went 75-59, but there are 16 absentee ballots and 8 special ballots outstanding (won't know the results till March 9). If all of those ballots are counted, he would need 20 to survive (I'm presuming a tie goes to the elected official, maybe I'm wrong?) 
The article notes that:
This will be only the fifth time in the last two decades that such a move would have succeeded. Unlike recalling a citywide official, attempting a recall against an ANC commissioner isn't hard—according to the elections board, recalls against ANC commissioners have been tried some 32 times since 1992.

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