Sunday, February 12, 2012

Maine: Berwick recall scheduled for Monday

Three Berwick Selectmen, Chairman Jim Ramsey, Vice Chair Joe Chambers and Selectman Marcia Elton, will be facing a recall vote on Monday.

The focus of the recall has been the sale of to the Vice Chair's wife and the signing of a 75-year lease for the development of the old Berwick High School.

It sounds like Berwick has a two-step recall process, with the replacement votes coming later (article notes that replacement officials take office in April).

Note this difficulty, which is becoming almost a regular occurrence in local recall elections:
"the process would interrupt the normal timeline of the town's budget process. In past years, all warrant budget articles would be reviewed by the board and submitted by March 27. In the event all three members are recalled, the remaining two members could continue to sign payroll for the town, as well as other similar tasks. However, they could not hold meetings or make formal decisions until a board has a quorum."

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