Thursday, February 16, 2012

Georgia: Augusta Commissioner faces recall threats for support for $12 million parking deck, budget cuts

Support for a $12 million parking deck is leading to calls for the recall of Augusta Commissioner Matt Aitken. Aitken is also coming under criticism for casting the deciding vote in a budget that calls for a $1 million reduction in the city's workforce (more than 30 employees). The article notes that Aitken did not seem to know that the budget seem to include budget cuts -- which may play into the need to meet the malfeasance/incompetence standard. Here's some more complaints and details about the district.

The recall is a multistep process, in a judicial recall or malfeasance state. The application has to have 100 signatures, and the reason for the recall. Then (probably after the traditional lawsuits), they need 30 percent of the registered voters (in a little twist, it is the amount of registered voters from the last time the office was on the ballot). They have only 30 days to get the signatures. After that, it is a two-step recall -- yes or no vote, followed by a (later day) replacement vote.

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