Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Massachusetts: Selectmen removed in Templeton recall seek recount

More strange results from the Templeton recall, which resulted in the ouster of two selectmen on February 6. There are no signs saying "recountcoming.com" The town has previously had signs saying "recallcoming.com" before the recall started.

The selectmen need to collect 10 signatures by February 16 for a recount.

Note this point about lots of blanks:
There was a 43-vote difference between those favoring recalling Mrs. Farrell and those opposed, but also 38 blanks were recorded.

Mrs. Wilder's margin of victory over Mrs. Farrell was 66 votes, with 55 blanks recorded.

Those supporting recalling Mr. Mitchell cast 54 more votes for the recall than against. There were 43 blanks. In the race between Mr. Mullins and Mr. Mitchell, Mr. Mullins received 66 more votes. There were 49 blank votes recorded.

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