Thursday, January 20, 2022

California: Recall effort against Los Angeles Councilmember fails, with 13,000 signatures tossed out

The recall effort against Los Angeles Councilmember Mike Bonin has failed, as more than 13,000 signatures were tossed out. Petitioners handed in 39,188 signatures and needed 27,317. They got 25,965. Petitioners can still appeal.

This recall attempt was supposedly over the homeless issues, though petitioners were previously talking about his support for the shutdowns to prevent further damage from the coronavirus pandemic. Two other councilmembers faced recall attempts, though both failed to get the signatures.

Bonin previously faced a recall effort in 2017-2018 over his road diet plan -- the DOT's removal of 9.4 miles of traffic lanes to prevent pedestrian deaths. 

Bonin is up for re-election in December, with a primary in June. If the recall got on the ballot, the vote would likely have taken place in April or May, though that would not effect the re-election vote in June. Bonin won his 2017 re-election run with 71% of the vote.

The last recall in Los Angeles was Councilman Art Snyder, who survived the vote in 1984. The last one to result in removal was Councilman Meade McClanahan in 1946.

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