Thursday, June 20, 2019

New Jersey: Rockaway Township Councilman resigns in face of recall

Councilman Victor Palumbo, who was facing a recall effort over complaints about his voting record, resigned. Palumbo said he resigned after a primary results. Palumbo was looking to run for an at large seat, rather than a district one, which would have changed how many signatures were needed to get a recall on the ballot.

Palumbo was targeted over votes against former Mayor Michael Dachisen and Councilman John Quinn taking health benefits. Petitioners would need 724 signatures to get to the ballot.

Acting Mayor Jeremy Jedynak (R) faced a recall effort, with one of the leaders being the widow of his immediate predecessor, Mayor Michael Dachisen (R). Dachisen died on August 15 of a heart attack, leading to Jedynak taking over. Petitioners need about 4564 signatures to get the Jedynak recall on the ballot.

Update: The Republican County Committee chose Mary Noon to replace Palumbo.

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