Sunday, June 16, 2019

California: Marin Independent Journal looks at Dixie School Board recall attempt

Here's a column by Dick Spotswood in the Marin Independent Journal discussing a possible way for Dixie School District Trustee Marnie Glickman to avoid a recall. The article notes that Glickman has decided to not run for reelection, and Spotswood claims that the recall will be the one way for voters to have a say on the issue that has divided the community (changing the name of the district from Dixie, due to its confederate connection). Spotswood suggests that Glickman run for reelection which would obviate the need for a recall, though past experience with other recalls suggests petitioners are likely to try to recall and defeat her in any reelection run.

Note that Spotswood leads the piece with the following claim:
"As a rule, California's institution of recall should be reserved to remove elected officials who are criminally corrupt or mentally ill. Occasionally, a recall is mounted when the motivation is about policy or the officeholder's behavior."

That seems quite off -- the reverse (as a rule, recalls are mounted over policy or behavior, and rarely  about corruption [not mental illness]) would probably be true.

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