Saturday, March 16, 2019

Idaho: Split decision in recall vote, as Dalton Gardens Mayor and two Councilmembers kicked out; two survive

Mayor Steve Roberge (533-461) and Councilmembers Joe Myers (511-479) and Denise Lundy (508-478) lost their seats. Councilmembers Jamie Smith (479-512) and Scott Jordan (463-526) retained their seats. The votes needed to be more than the officials received in their last election -- all of them easily surpassed these totals (which were between 418-110).

The recall was over a proposal to build homes on back area land.  Petitioners need between 110-418 signatures to get on the ballot. Turnout was over 60% (which is supposedly much more than the 15% that usually come out for a Spring vote).

Because the recall removed a majority of the council, the Governor will appoint one council member. After the council member is appointed and they get a quorum, the council will appoint the fourth member and the mayor.

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