Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Pennsylvania: Parents threaten recall by judge of Stroudsburg school board members with

Parents are petitioning for the removal of Stroudsburg School Board President Richard Pierce and Vice President Bruce Stewart. Petitioners believe they have 250 signatures for each, though it looks like most of those are of the online variety. The issue is how they dealt with the superintendent.  Pennsylvania does not have a recall law, but it does have a law that allows voters to petition a judge to remove school board members (the judge would appoint a replacement).
"However, there is a procedure in the school code whereby a certain number of residents can file a petition with the court seeking the removal of a school board member, or certain members of the school board who have willfully neglected their duties," said Stuart Knade, an attorney for the PSBA.
Sounds like they would need 900 signatures (20% of turnout) -- though I would guess the online petitions likely would not count.

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