Thursday, May 22, 2014

Michigan: Gaines Township Treasurer, Clerk signatures handed in

Petitioners have turned in signatures against Gaines Township Treasurer Diane Hyrman and Clerk Michael Dowler. It seems like it was two separate people getting the signatures. Petitioner collected 809 signatures, they need 652, at least against Dowler. They collected 798 against Hyrman.

Dowler apparently took papers from a newly-elected Supervisor's office (he was upset at the election results. Hyrman is facing a recall over a police millage issue. Petitions are outstanding against Supervisor Chuck Melki (the former president of the Village), who also voted for the millage issue. Melki is the same supervisor who had the papers taken from his office.

Here's an earlier, excellent look at this recall by the same reporter, Eric Dresden.

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