Thursday, May 15, 2014

Montana: Four Dillon city council members facing petitions, though city attorney rejects grounds for recall

Four Dillon city council members, Derek Gore, Nils “Swede” Troedsson, David Spehar and Lynn Westad, are facing petitions as part of a long-running fight over a lawsuit about a refusal to pay for water meters installed by the city.

The fight includes Mayor Michael Klakken in a big way -- he represents one of the homeowners in the suit, and he got rid of the city attorney and city treasurer (the second with reduced hours, who then quit).

The city attorney has said that the recall shouldn't be allowed -- petitioners are claiming that the council members violated open meeting laws by signing a letter to a district court judge on the case (Montana is a Judicial Recall/malfeasance standard state, hence cause is needed). Petitioners claim they will fight the ruling.

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