Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Louisiana: St. Bernard Parish President facing recall petitions

St. Bernard Parish President Dave Peralta is facing another recall campaign, filed by a (barely) losing candidate for the council (Peter Rupp, who lost a runoff in 2011 by 16 votes). Petitioners will need about 8500 signatures (1/3 of registereds) in six months.

Rupp previously launched a recall against Peralta in 2012, but that didn't get on the ballot. Peralta was indicted last month on charges of sexual battery against his wife.

Peralta claims that Rupp is leading the effort after Peralta fired Rupp's wife as a legal secretary for the Parish (she gave Rupp her access code to enter the building).

Though the Parish hasn't had a recall since at least 1966, the previous parish president, Craig Taffaro, also faced a recall effort.

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