Wednesday, May 14, 2014

California: Sunnyvale councilman facing petitions after refusing to sign code of conduct

Councilmember Patrick Meyering is facing recall petitions led by (among others) a former mayor and vice mayor. In an op-ed, petitioners claim that Meyering "declares that everyone else is corrupt." He also apparently refused to sign the Code of Conduct and Ethics; his behavior may have pushed out the City Manager and City Attorney;  He also has been directed to stop disclosing confidential information, and had filed a since dismissed personal-injury lawsuit against the city. Petitioners need 8284 signatures (15% of registereds).

The op-ed claims this is the first recall in Sunnyvale history. It does have a questionable fact that most single-issue recalls fail. If they are talking about recalls failing to make the ballot due to lack of signatures, they are correct. If they are claiming that once they get to the ballot officials are more likely to survive the single-issue recall, well that's incorrect.

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