Wednesday, May 7, 2014

California: Rialto school board has bizarre Holocaust-denying essay assignment

Here is the story of the assignment that was lifted from a Holocaust denying website, essentially asking students to argue for whether they believe the Shoah happened.

Perhaps it will not surprise readers of this blog that even before this disaster, members of the Rialto School Board were already facing recall petitions. I haven't seen anything to suggest a link between the recall and this assignment. The recall involved approval of contracts and a battle over the Superintendent (a frequent source of school board recalls).

The superintendent, who has since retired, had what is called a "personal relationship" with a district accountant who was accused of stealing $1.8 million in lunch money over 8 years, some of which she apparently smuggled out in her bra.

Looks like this will be a very tough road -- the law requires 10% of the signatures of registered voters in the district, which will be someone where in the neighborhood of 10,000 signatures each. Note that the actual vote for the two candidates (in a presidential election at that) was below 10,000. Astute readers of this blog may remember that petitioners could not get enough signatures for a recall against a Moreno Valley School Board member who was facing charges of attempted murder, rape, pimping and pandering (he's now doing 14 years).

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