Friday, May 17, 2019

UK: Recall effort against Conservative MP facing difficulty over locations available to sign petitions

There are now questions on the basic procedure involved in the UK recall of Brecon and Radnor MP Chris Davies (Conservative). Davis is up for a recall after he was fined 1500 pounds and hit with 50 hours of community service over two false expense invoices for landscape photographs. Since the sentence was under 12 months, he is not automatically ousted. Petitioners need 5303 signatures in six weeks to get on the ballot.

The petitions are available in six locations that signers have to go to. The rules allow 10 stations to have it and the proponents of a recall are unhappy that four stations are missing (especially since the district is very geographically dispersed). This is an example of how a regulatory or political body can severely impact the likelihood of a recall getting on the ballot.

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