Monday, May 13, 2019

Colorado: State Representative resigns in face of recall effort and sexual misconduct allegations

State Representative Rochelle Galindo (D) resigned her seat before signatures were handed in, with some accusations of sexual misconduct. However, another point to be noted is that due to the resignation, as per state law, the seat will be filled by a Democrat.

Petitioners needed 5,696 valid signatures to get on the ballot. While the resignation may not have been about an unrelated issue, the recall against Galindo and other Democrats appears to be part of a GOP state-wide recall effort to regain power. The issues they are citing are votes on gun control and oil and gas regulation.

Republican efforts to reshape the state government with recalls has expanded to two additional targets, Senate President Leroy Garcia (D) and State Representative Bri Buentello (D). Petitioners would need 13506 signatures for Garcia and 8082 for Buentello. They join Governor Jared Polis, Representative Rochelle Galindo, Senator Jeff Bridges and Representative Med Froelich as targets of the recall effort.

Update: Galindo is not being charged with sexual misconduct charges, but has been cited for buying alcohol for a minor.

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