Friday, May 17, 2019

Alaska: State Representative facing recall threat after leading split in Republican caucus

State Representative Gary Knopp (R) is facing a recall threat after working with a group of six other Republicans to work with the Democratic members (Democrat Bryce Egmon switched to undeclared to help work with this group).

A recall attempt has been launched, which would need close to 1000 signatures, then would require approval from the Lieutenant Governor and then need close to 3000 additional signatures to get on the ballot. Alaska is a Malfeasance Standard/Judicial Recall state, so there is a good chance that approval will not be forthcoming -- the list of causes includes not showing up for some votes. In most malfeasance standard states, this argument would easily be rejected, one that we saw Alaska use in the rejection of the proposed Lindsey Holmes recall. But, as we saw in 2017 in Homer, the courts in Alaska have a more liberal view of the standards.

Knopp has said that he is not running for reelection.

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