Friday, November 1, 2013

Venezuela: President Maduro challenges opposition to recall him

Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro challenged the opposition to recall him. You may remember that his predecessor Hugo Chavez faced a recal in 2004, which Chavez won with 59.1% in his favor.

Here's some useful details on Venezuela's presidential recall law:

Article 72 of the constitution states that, “All magistrates and other offices filled by popular vote are subject to revocation. Once half of the term of office to which an official has been elected has elapsed, a number of voters constituting at least 20% of the voters registered in the pertinent circumscription may extend a petition for the calling of a referendum to revoke such official's mandate.”
Should a majority vote to recall the person, with at least as many voting in favour of the recall as originally voted in favour of the person, and with at least 25% of registered voters participating in the recall election, the person will be removed their position. Only one such petition for recall may be filed per term.

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