Friday, November 1, 2013

Michigan: Good look at the Hesperia school board recall

This one is over the firing of wrestling coach Doug Baird. Two school board members who voted to not renew Baird's contract as wrestling coach, Micheal Anderson and Matt Joppich, are facing the voters next Tuesday.

Baird was apparently a very successful coach (401-42, state title in 08, 4 runner-ups). However, he receive two reprimands, one over alleged marijuana use by wrestlers on an overnight trip, the other alleging a failure to investigate an inappropriate touching claim.

Petitioners got 600 signatures, they needed 315. A third board member, Jeff Thome, challenged the recall wording, and the delay was enough to kill the recall for the November ballot.

This is the second recall that I know of over a coach's firing this year. There's another attempt in Nebraska.

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