Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Colorado: Hudak outraises recall supporters, and starts aggressive anti-recall campaign

Senator Evie Hudak appears to be heavily outraising supporters of her recall, at least in the early going. Hudak has raised $50,428 since Oct. 23 to ($30,000 coming from Environmental Majority). The pro-recall forces have $23,296. What's is particularly interesting is the discussion of an "aggressive street campaign" and robocalls to discourage signers.

The robocall is accused of sounding like a police alert (if you click on the link, you'll hear why). The script of the robocall is something else:
"This is a community alert for Arvada and Westminster from the Democracy Defense fund," a female announcer declares at the beginning of the recorded message. "Paid signature-gatherers who have not gone through a criminal background check could be in Westminster and Arvada this week asking for signatures in a recall petition."

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