Tuesday, November 5, 2013

15 officials facing recall votes on Tuesday

Looks like a relatively quiet Election Day for Recalls -- by my count, 15 officials are facing a recall votes on Tuesday (I'm still looking if there are others out there), plus at least one jurisdiction is holding a vote on a ballot provision to adopt the recall. Last year on Election Day, there were 22 recalls. In 2011, there were 26.  

The reasons for the recall span the spectrum. By far the most notable ones are in the bankrupt city of San Bernardino, where 3 officials are going before the voters -- there were attempts against 10 officials in all. Other notable recalls are in Hesperia (firing of a high school coach) and Cibolo (Walmart).



Teton School District

2 Onaway City Council members
2 Hesperia School Board members

Lubbock City Councilman
4 Cibolo City Council members

Ballot Provision:

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  1. As the former winner of a recall election. let me say good luck, I hope you confronted the recallers by going door to door to the people who signed recall petitions against you---the only way to assure victory. Very few voters vote to recall somebody who they've seen in person.


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