Friday, November 22, 2013

California: Commerce City Council recalls, interpretation battle with City Attorney leads to firing of Interim City Clerk

The recall battle against four Commerce City council members has led to the firing of the Interim City Clerk 
The issue was a disagreement between the clerk and  Commerce City Attorney Eddie Olivo over the publication of the recall notice against three council members. The same issue seems to have resulted in the firing of the previous City Clerk. 

The particulars sound very bad for the City Attorney. The petitioners took out ads in Eastern Group Publications, but the City Attorney ruled that the newspaper didn't meet the legal requirement of a "newspaper of general circulation." However, a separate group of petitioners did the same thing against a councilwoman who is an opponent of the three city council members, and....
In direct contrast to Olivo’s statement, the city “accepted” the legal notices of recall for Denise Robles that were filed with the same EGP paper.

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