Sunday, September 15, 2013

Texas: Debate over signatures needed in Rio Grande City recall effort

There is a debate over the number of signatures needed to recall Rio Grande City Mayor Ruben Villarreal, Commissioner Rey Ramirez, Commissioner Hernan R. Garza III and Commissioner Arcadio J. Salinas III (Only elected official would not be targeted).

The City Clerk says that:
city charter stipulates that such a petition be signed “by the qualified voters equal in number to 10 percent of the electors qualified to vote at the last preceding regular municipal election.” Because more than 7,000 people registered to vote last time around, more than 700 signatures would be needed, she said.

The petitioner argues that the charter is talking about turnout -- 10% of the 1600 who voted (160 signatures). He claims that he already has enough, though he will keep gathering.

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