Monday, September 2, 2013

Colorado: Petitions taken out against Five Green Mountain Falls Councilmembers

Five Green Mountain Falls Council members, Mac Pitrone, Howard Price, Ralph LoCascio, Jane Newberry and Margaret Peterson, are facing recall petitions. Three of the targets are either up for election in April or are term-limited out. The recall petitioners are also trying to remove the city clerk from any role in the recall process.

The other two members of the council, Mayor Lorrie Worthey and Trustee Tyler Stevens, are not under threat.
Two meetings in the last year have resulted in walk-outs by some of the targeted council members. Critics of the effort, however, are questioning the substance of the recall campaign and say the current political woes amount to nothing more than personality clashes.
According to the petitions initially submitted to city hall, the group cites a laundry list of grievances, such as opposing open and transparent social media policies, refusing to listen to public input prior to making decisions, not providing the police department with enough resources and thus endangering public safety, exhibiting conduct unbecoming that of an elected official and threatening citizens at meetings. 

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