Sunday, September 8, 2013

North Carolina: 1963 tale of how a pool integration led to a six member Statesville City Council recall

Interesting tale here of what is believed to be the only recall of an entire elected governing body in the state of North Carolina -- the six members of the Statesville City Council in 1963. The Council was kicked out for their vote to integrate the pools. The laws helped the petitioners out:
Statesville had 9,477 registered voters. Owens needed only 556 of them to sign the petition and trigger the recall election, which is just over 5 percent of the total. 
The recall election set a record in Statesville for voter turnout of 53.4 percent and all six members of the board -- W.C. Wood, M.J. Angell Jr., Reid Summers, L.S. Gilliam Jr., Mrs. Robert P. Cline (as she was referred to in every article written about the council at the time) and Sidney Ingram -- were ousted. 

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