Friday, September 13, 2013

Florida: Tamarac Commissioner facing recall vote next month quits, gets $8,000

Commissioner Patte Atkins-Grad, who was found not guilty in her bribery trial, but would soon face a recall vote, resigned. After a difficult battle petitioners got a recall on the ballot, which was set for October 15. Atkins-Grad is claiming that her resignation has nothing to do with the recall, but is solely a health problem. She will be replaced by appointment.

 Oddly, Atkins-Grad is also getting $8,000. I'm not sure why she is getting the money (she asked for it to settle litigation) - it frankly feels like a greenmail situation. Here's a very critical take on the money. It appears that the pro-recall petitioners noted that the recall vote would cost over $50,000, and felt this was the best solution from a cost-benefit perspective. You have to wonder if this should be looked at by legal officials.

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