Sunday, September 8, 2013

Colorado: More allegations, though no evidence that "Gypsy Voting" could affect recalls

This is one of those issues that came up earlier in the recall campaign -- pro-recall backers were claiming that anyone in Colorado could vote in the recall if they attest to moving to the recall districts. Jon Caldara, president of the think tank Independence Institute (who was called a political stuntman in the Denver Post), who lives in Boulder, voted (with a blank ballot) to prove the law, though it is unclear if anyone else voted this way. There is also some discussion on student voting.

There is also some new numbers for the voting totals:

A total of 2,328 ballots were cast Saturday, bringing the total number of votes so far to 9,485. Of those, 3,923 were cast by Republicans, 3,081 by Democrats and 2,351 by unaffiliated voters.

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