Thursday, April 25, 2013

Florida: Second times the charm? Petitioners hand in signatures for Tamarac council recall

The recall of Council member Patte Atkins-Grad  may be moving forward, as petitioners handed in 1,531 signatures (they need 1250). In March, petitioners missed by 18 signatures (after 212 were declared invalid). Last time, they handed in the petition two days early. This time, they held off till the last day. This recall is taking place after Atkings-Grad was found not guilty of eight counts of bribery and unlawful compensation. Petitioners felt that she should resign.

Thanks to the odd requirements, petitioners will then have to go gather a second round of signatures -- they need 15% of the 12,496 voters, though the signers of the first petition can sign the second one.

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