Thursday, April 25, 2013

Florida: Doral Councilwoman recall attempt fails under bizarre circumstances

Weird event here -- the attempt to recall Doral Councilwoman Bettina Rodriguez-Aguilera appears to have failed. Petitioners claimed to have 1936 signatures (they needed about 1700), but the department is claiming that she only handed in 1038.
Brito brought a box of petitions to Barbara Herrera, Doral’s city clerk, last Tuesday. In an emailed statement, Herrera said she placed the box in the clerk’s office in front of a glass door while she and Doral city attorney Joe Jiménez waited for a police escort to take the signatures to the elections department, which is less than two miles from City Hall.
Jiménez said Brito told him she had scanned all of the petitions and would present them to him the next day. As of Wednesday, the city has not received the copies.
Doral City Council is considering changing its recall law so officials can only face a recall once per term.

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