Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Colorado: Lawsuit filed to void Center recall

Moe Jones, one of the Center trustees who was kick out in a March 19 recall, file suit to void the election.

Jones is joined by the Aspen-based Citizen Center, whose press release gives some more detail on the complaint. The Citizen Center cite has the full filing:
“It is impossible to determine who actually won this election, given the massive breakdown in basic procedures. Of approximately 480 ballots cast, 301 absentee ballots were hand delivered with no record of who delivered them, a procedure that invites abuse. The votes on 364 of the ballots were counted in violation of the voters’ right to a secret ballot. This abuse of voter privacy is intolerable anywhere in Colorado, but it’s especially troubling in Center, with its continuing reports of voter intimidation and undue influence,” Marilyn Marks, President of Citizen Center, stated.

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