Wednesday, April 10, 2013

California: Three Coastside Fire Protection District Board members ousted in recall

Looks like a clean sweep of the Coastside Fire Protection District board of directors, with Mike Alifano, (3555-2046), Douglas Mackintosh (3518-1999) and Gary Riddell (3505-2035)all losing by large margins in a union versus union fight.
Alifano lost to Karen K. Anderson, a private investigator; Mackintosh to J.B. Cockrell, a pilot; and Riddell to Harvey Rarback, a retired scientist. 
Note this on spending:
The "No on Recall" campaign raised $49,750 as of March 29. More than half the money came from firefighters unions throughout the Bay Area, including $15,000 from the San Mateo County Firefighters Local 2400, which aims to represent the Coastside instead of Cal Fire.
Anderson, Cockrell and Rarback each received more than $9,000 in direct and indirect support from the union representing Cal Fire firefighters.

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