Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Virginia: Three Prosecutors -- Loudoun, Arlington and Fairfax -- facing recall efforts

A new group is targeting for recall three Virginia Commonwealth Attorneys (effectively District Attorneys), Loudoun County's Buta Biberaj, Arlington County's Parisa Dehghani-Tafti and Fairfax County's Steve Descano. 

The "Republican-linked" group, Virginians for Safe Communities, claims they've raised $250,000 and have another $500,000 pledged  All three of the prosecutors were elected in 2019 with the support of George Soros' Justice and Public Safety PAC. This feel a part of the other prosecutorial recall attempts taking place in the country (though, oddly enough, not the only D.A. recall to get on the ballot).

I haven't looked into this, but this could be either a Recall Trial (unlike to succeed), a recall vote (some place in Virginia have this on the local level -- I don't think it is allowed for county positions, but I haven't the time to check it out now) or completely rejected by the courts. I really don't know yet. 

Petitioners would need 29,000 for Descano and 5,500 for Dehghani-Tafti. 

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