Wednesday, August 4, 2021

California: Newsom Recall Roundup -- Big Outlier Poll shows Newsom blown out; Judge allows reference to Trump and Republicans

Survey USA has the big outlier poll of the day (outlier doesn't mean wrong), showing Newsom losing 40-51%, with Kevin Paffrath (of Meet Kevin fame) leads the replacement race with 27% -- note he was the only Democrat polled

Core Decision Analytics has its poll showing in Newsom in the lead, though a 50-43% among definite voters.

Newsom is now allowed to reference Trump and the Republicans in his statement -- though a final decision will come tomorrow

Could the Employment Development Department failures hurt Newsom?

Replacement candidates having an issue collecting money and getting noticed

Some harsh words (well, from me) on the decision to not take their time on the recall vote and thoughts on Democrats issue with turnout

The first Recall debate is over

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