Friday, August 13, 2021

California: Newsom Recall Roundup -- Unconstitutionality argument; Biden gets moving and Larry Elder gets the spotlight

Here's UC Berkeley Law School Dean co-writing a NYT op-ed on why the recall is unconstitutional -- maybe I'll get into this after I have a little more time. But you can look at my plurality conundrum piece for details -- let's say I heavily disagree

President Joe Biden getting engaged with the recall

Larry Elder, seemingly in the lead among Republicans, argues that Newsom's in trouble

And Newsom is definitely hoping that Elder has consolidated support, as it gives him someone to hit -- as they are now finally digging through his 30 years of tapes

Elder claims Firefox star Clint Eastwood sent a message of support -- (may want to check with Mitt Romney on the value of that endorsement)

Ballot Harvesting comes back into play

How will the vaccination policy affect Newsom's race

A potential parole case now may haunt Newsom

Turnout, Turnout, Turnout

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