Sunday, June 6, 2021

Washington: Legal fees reported in Kent School Board members' recall defense

The Kent school board has spent $21,302 defending four School Board members, Leslie Hamada, Michele Bettinger, Denise Daniels and Maya Vengadasalam from recall petitions. The petitions against Daniels or Vengadasalam were tossed out because it is within the six month grace period before the next election (neither are running for reelection). The article seems to suggest that petitions were dropped against the other two, but it also mentions an upcoming court hearing. Washington is a Malfeasance Standard/Judicial Recall state, so a judge has to approve the charges before the recall can go forward.

The lead petitioner Bryon Madsen, lost to Daniels in 2017 and is running for her seat.  

The fifth board member (Joe Bento) was appointed last year and is running unopposed. 

The petitions seem to be focused on a Superintendent no confidence vote from the education association (I'm actually not sure who passed the no confidence vote) and a host of other complaints. 

Petitioners would need 10,991 signatures for Bettinger and 8802 for Hamada. They have 180 days to get the signature.

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