Friday, June 25, 2021

Tennessee: Judge rejects Nashville charter amendment election on technicality over date provision

A judge has rejected an upcoming July 27 referendum election which would have a recall provision. The judge's decision was based on a rule that required a single date for the election on the petitions, while he put two dates on the petitions.

14,000 signatures were handed in by an anti-tax attorney who is also proposing easing recall laws against Nashville city officials, with a charter amendment that will lower the amount of signatures needed to get on the ballot from 15% of turnout to 10%, expand the signature timeframe to 75 days from 30 and ban officials from running to replace themselves in a recall. 

There is a debate over how many signatures are needed. The city says that they need 31,212 signatures based on the November election. Petitioner Jim Roberts claims they should use the August election and the number would be 12,142. I don't think the judge has ruled on this. 

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