Wednesday, June 9, 2021

New Mexico: Las Cruces School Board member resigns -- Supreme Court sitting on a recall effort against three members since 2019

Las Cruces School Board member Terrie Dallman resigned as she complained of harassment and mismanagement of a superintendent search. Dallman, Maria Flores and Ray Jaramillo are all facing a years-long recall threat over claims of violating open meeting laws and adding central office jobs during a hiring freeze. 

A State Court Judge green lit the recall effort, but the state Supreme Court has been sitting on the case since 2019. As a malfeasance state, a judge needed to first rule if the ground are valid.

If a recall would be allowed, petitioners would need 33 1/3rd of turnout, which is 424 for Flores, 252 for Dallman and 83 for Jaramillo. Any empty seat is filled by appointment.

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