Sunday, December 15, 2019

UK: Two victors in recall elections lose seats; Reduced majorities in two other seats that faced recall efforts

This year, there were two recalls for MPs in the UK and two attempted recalls this year.
Labour MP Fiona Onasanya faced the first recall, but did not run for the position. Labour MP Lisa Forbes replaced her.

Conservative Party MP Chris Davies lost his seat in a recall, which was won by Liberal Democrat Jane Dodds.

DUP's Ian Paisley faced a recall attempt, but the petitions did not get enough signatures.

Labour's Keith Vaz was to face a recall right before the election, but he stood down from running.

Both Forbes and Dodds lost their seats in the regularly scheduled election, with the Conservative Party winning both races. Paisley won reelection and the Labour candidate for Vaz's seat both won, though with reduced majorities.

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