Monday, December 30, 2019

Colorado: Reversal of fortune as official results show both Elizabeth Trustees removed in recall election

Big reversal of fortune in Elizabeth. While the unofficial results showed that Elizabeth Trustee June Jurczewsky survived her recall vote, the official results show her being ousted.

161 votes called for Jurczewsky's removal (no idea how many voted to retain). Trustee Rachel White was removed with 166 looking to kick her out. White will be replaced by Jason Weiss, who received 153 votes and Jurczewsky was replaced by Ron Weaver, who garnered 152 votes in the separate replacement race. The recall was launched over the Mayor and Councils' support for development proposals.

Recalls against Elizabeth Mayor Megan Vasquez and Trustees Angela Ternus, Steve Gaither, Loren Einspahr, Tammy Payne have made the ballot and should be scheduled for April.  The different time frames is due to the fact that the other officials haven't served six months yet.

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