Saturday, December 7, 2019

Michigan: Petitions against Traverse School Board President stopped on technicality

A technicality has stopped the recall effort against Traverse School Board President M. Sue Kelly (though not for Treasurer Matt Anderson and Secretary Pamela G. Forton). The petitions were originally approved by the Election Commission for all three, but apparently Kelly's petition had to be submitted to Leelanau County. The signatures do have to be turned in to Grand Traverse County.

The recall is over the resignation by mutual agreement of the superintendent for reasons that are unclear.

Petitioners would need about 11,700 signatures to get on the ballot.

There is a claim that the group would have to pay for the recall -- $80,000. I've seen this provision once (in West Virginia), but never in Michigan. I wonder if that is actually constitutional.

Update: The language has now been approved

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