Wednesday, July 24, 2019

New Jersey: Petitions taken out against Englewood Cliffs Councilmembers

Petitions have been taken out against Englewood Cliffs Council members Edward Aversa (D) and Gloria Oh (D) over claims that they didn't do due diligence on affordable housing and other issues related to development. Aversa, who is running for mayor in the fall, claims that Mayor Mario Kranjac (who is also on the ballot) is behind the recall.

Petitioners would need more than 900 signatures (25% of registereds) in 160 days.

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  1. Englewood Cliffs Recall Committees Collected Over 1,200 Signatures to Recall Councilpersons Edward F. Aversa and Gloria K. Oh

    Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey – December 10, 2019 – On Monday, December 9, 2019, Englewood Cliffs Recall Committees to recall Councilpersons Edward F. Aversa and Gloria K. Oh delivered over 1,200 recall petition signatures for each individual to Ms. Lisette Duffy, Borough Administrator & Clerk. The signatures collected represent over 30 percent of the Borough’s registered voters.

    The People have clearly spoken that both Mr. Aversa and Ms. Oh have failed to be transparent and forthcoming on matters pertaining to 800 Sylvan (high-density residential housing development) and affordable housing. The lack of due diligence was discovered when Normandy (800 Sylvan) disclosed the existence of a secret Memorandum of Understanding (settlement agreement) in a Court filing.

    The objective of the Petitions for the Recall of Edward F. Aversa and Gloria K. Oh is to remove them from office, therefore providing the Borough an opportunity to hold a Special Election to elect two Councilpersons to replace them.

    More information will be forthcoming after we hear back from the Borough Clerk.


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