Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Idaho: Three Bannock County Commissioners join Assessor in facing recall effort over property tax increases

Bannock County Commissioners Terrel "Ned" Tovey, Steve Brown and Ernie Moser are now being threatened with a recall over property tax increases. Petitions have already been taken out against Bannock County Assessor Sheri Davies. The focus is on a delay in assessments, and miscommunication about deadlines and a lack of communication. The council has applied a 10% market reduction in one market and a 5% in the another. Petitioners need 8302 signatures (20% of registered voters) in 75 days to get Davies on the ballot and the article lists 9100 total.

If it does get to the ballot, Idaho has an Queen of the Hill rule -- the vote to remove must exceed the amount of votes each candidate received in the last election.

Update: Petitioners claim they have over 5000 signatures.

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