Friday, December 8, 2017

Michigan: Adams Township Board targeted in recall effort

The entire Adams Township Board, including Supervisor Fred Fowler, Clerk Michelle Ginolfi, Treasurer Patricia Williams and Trustees Duane Chase and Larry Mayhew, are facing petitions from someone who was ordered to remove junk cars from his driveway or face a fine. Petitioner would need 204 signatures for each.

Update: A split result -- Fowler (324-245 to Mark Nichols), Chase (304-270 to Randy Johnson) and Mayhew (313-270 to Jason Griffiths) all lost their seats. Ginolfi (323-264 to Maria Davis) and Williams (311-271 to Dennis McClain II) both survived the recall vote.  Nichols was one of the leaders of the recall effort after he received a fine.

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