Friday, July 11, 2014

Wisconsin: Cleveland Supervisor facing recall -- frac sand mining again at issue

First-term Cleveland Town Board Supervisor Joe Egloff is facing an August 12 recall after 95 signatures were handed in against him. Petitioners needed 52 signatures.

The recall is supposedly about open-meeting violations and economic development, though it sounds like Egloff's votes against a frac mine rezoning is the issue. Already, Wisconsin has had two separate fracking recalls:

Bridgeport, where both Board Chairman John Karnopp (207-116) and Supervisor Mike Steiner (223-102) survived recall votes (I just noticed this one had a decision, possibly due to the fact that there were three cities named Bridgeport facing recall issues at approximately the same time);  In December, Glenwood officials survived a frac sand recall vote.

Additionally, the mayor of Red Wing, Minnesota resigned in the face of recall threats after it was revealed that he was a lobbyist for frac sand companies. Fracking has also been mentioned as a cause for attempted recalls in Louisiana and New Mexico.

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